Litigation and Disputes, Business Revitalization, and Bankruptcy

Miura & Partners’ experts from the field of litigation and bankruptcy work closely with specialists in other fields to provide comprehensive legal advice. In association with our reliable foreign counterparts, we regularly handle highly specialized and complicated cross-jurisdictional disputes.

Litigation and Disputes
With vast experience handling specialized and complicated disputes both in Japan and foreign jurisdictions, our team collaborates with expert attorneys in various areas of law to formulate and carry out the most appropriate method to resolve each case, whether it be litigation, or alternative dispute resolution Our team has extensive experience with overseas disputes and cross-border transactions and can overcome differences in law, language, and culture which arise in cross-jurisdictional disputes. We also work closely with overseas law firms to ensure the best solution for our clients.
Business Revitalization and Bankruptcy
Miura & Partners provides comprehensive procedural and substantive legal advice on various matters related to bankruptcy, including liquidation, civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization, and voluntary winding up. Our attorneys in the bankruptcy and business revitalization teamwork in collaboration with expert attorneys in related areas of law such as finance, tax, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, and labor law. Our team provides a one-stop solution for the challenges that clients may face during the bankruptcy and business revitalization process.
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