Information Security Basic Policy

Miura & Partners, Miura & Partners LPC,and M Partners LPC (collectively referred to as the “Firm”), in order to fulfill our duty of confidentiality and to earn the trust of our clients and business partners, endeavor to maintain information security by protecting the information assets entrusted to us and the information assets of the Firm.

1. Protection of information assets

The Firm protects all information assets held by the Firm (data, paper, storage media, etc.) and promotes their secure use.

2. Legal and regulatory compliance

The Firm complies with the Attorney Act, the Basic Rules on the Duties of Practicing Attorneys and other information security laws and guidelines, etc., and regulations established by the Firm and contractual requirements, etc.

3. Establishment and operation of information security management system

The Firm establishes an information security management system and operates it consistently and effectively.

4. Implementation of education and training

The Firm provides the necessary education and training to all Firm members.

5. Implementation of continuous improvement

The Firm regularly verifies compliance with this policy and strives for continuous review and improvement to maintain its effectiveness.