Miura & Partners’ expert finance law team provides comprehensive legal services and advice on a variety of financial law issues from keeping current with the latest financing schemes, to the creation of finance documents, to dealing with regulatory authorities.

Capital Markets
M&P provides comprehensive legal services for capital markets. Our services include advising on public and private offering of shares, corporate bonds, or other securities, and acquisition of treasury stocks, tender offers, etc. We also advise on secondary market transactions such as block trading, disclosures, and investor relations, as well as advising on counterplans against the act of enforcing or other action by stock exchanges, self-regulatory organizations, and financial authorities.
Asset Management
M&P provides comprehensive legal services relating to general asset management businesses including advising on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other applicable laws. We regularly advise clients on documentation, establishing internal controls, and compliance with ever evolving laws.

We also provide legal support for the establishment and registration of asset management and investment advisory companies; notification of specially permitted businesses for qualified institutional investors, etc. (tekikaku kikan toushika tou tokurei gyoumu); formation of various domestic and foreign funds (including investment trusts (toushi shintaku), J-REIT, private equity funds, venture capital funds, infrastructure funds, commodity funds, etc.); and documentation after the formation of funds, mergers and acquisitions, and related financing.
Project Finance
M&P provides comprehensive legal support for various infrastructure projects, such as telecom, railways, roads, ports, power generation involving private finance initiatives (PFI) and public private partnership (PPP), and other energy projects including renewable energy. Our services include advising on structuring, regulatory approvals, investigation, and drafting of loan agreements and security agreements, as well as negotiation with project stakeholders.
Private Equity
M&P provides comprehensive legal services related to private equity investments. Our services include advising on investment in private companies, investment for privatization of listed companies such as management buyout, and investment involving leveraged buyouts, mezzanine financing, etc.

We also provide comprehensive legal services in relation to the establishment, management and investment of funds, as well as advice on exit strategies for private equity funds such as venture capital funds, buy-out funds and turnaround investments. We also actively advise those who are interested in investing in such funds, as well as the companies receiving such investments.
Acquisition Finance
Legal support is indispensable in acquisition financing since fund procurement involves a variety of legal and financial vehicles and hybrid structures such as senior, subordinated, and mezzanine debt financing, and preferred share financing. In financing structures involving multiple parties with different interests, it is especially important to protect the interests of the client. M&P provides expert legal advice to clients such as sponsors, senior lenders, mezzanine lenders, financial institutions, and borrowers. Our acquisition finance services include examining the structuring of the deal, producing documentation for financing and collateral agreements, and conducting negotiations. We also provide wide range of legal services for domestic and cross-border acquisition finance deals, including those related to leveraged buyout, management buyout, financing, and refinancing.
Financial Law and Financial Technology
Attorneys on M&P’s financial law team have extensive experience working with financial institutions as well as the Financial Services Agency on creating laws and regulations. Their expertise and experience allows them to give practical advice with thorough insight into financial legislation, the improvement of business management and compliance systems required by the financial authorities, and the thought processes of those authorities.

In recent years, FinTech has facilitated the development of never-before-seen financial services and business models. While exciting for startup companies and consumers, it can be challenging to predict how existing financial regulations will apply to brand-new services, or to predict or keep up with new regulations that are passed in response. M&P provides comprehensive legal guidance for financial startups including support in obtaining approvals and registration, navigating the tumultuous legal landscape in the rapidly evolving financial services industry, and staying ahead of the curve with new regulations as they apply to financial services.
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