London Office starts operation

Miura & Partners (“M&P”) is pleased to announce the opening of its London office on April 1, 2024.

About London Office
The momentum of inbound investment into the Japanese market is growing. To provide timely legal service to European companies, M&P has opened an office in London. Our London Office will serve as a close contact point for European clients. Also, our London office will further grow and keep close relationships with European legal firms to strengthen our support for Japanese companies investing in the European market.

Miura & Partners London Office
Address: 19th Floor, 100 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AG, United Kingdom
TEL: +44-20-7864-1670
Chief Representative: Haruka Murata 

Contact: Click here to contact us

About Miura & Partners Miura & Partners was founded in January 2019 by Mr. Ryota Miura, together with a team of experienced lawyers, with the goal of establishing a professional law firm where client satisfaction is the starting point. The number of lawyers who shared this ambition has continued to grow, and now, M&P has approximately 100 lawyers. Our lawyers believe that the role of legal professionals is not just to advise on specific legal provisions, but to provide comprehensive legal advice and support to assist clients in achieving their business goals. Holding "Full Coverage & Top Quality" as one of our core values, M&P provides the best legal services to meet our clients' objectives as a law firm with a thorough understanding of the corporate decision-making process. The firm will continue to provide full coverage and top-quality services in a wider range of regions and fields by opening new offices and launching projects tailored to individual goals. Press Contact PR Team, Miura & Partners
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