Miura & Partners Announces Opening of San Francisco, Jakarta, and London Offices in April

Miura & Partners (‘M&P’) is pleased to announce that it plans to open offices in San Francisco (California, USA), Jakarta (Indonesia), and London (UK) in April 2023.

San Francisco Office
M&P has launched a strategic alliance with Yorozu Law Group (‘YLG’), a San Francisco-based law firm providing legal services to Japanese companies and their US subsidiaries for more than 20 years. YLG will be rebranded as Miura & Partners (US) San Francisco Office beginning in April 2023. This will be M&P’s first base in the US, and it is also the first Japanese law firm to have an office in San Francisco.

Tasha A. Yorozu will continue to manage the firm which includes a staff of five attorneys (admitted in CA) and a Certified Public Accountant. Naomi Koshi and Norika Yuasa, partners in the M&P Tokyo Office, will also travel between Japan and San Francisco on a regular basis to develop the alliance.

This alliance will strengthen M&P's support system for Japanese companies entering the US market and Japanese companies considering acquisitions in the US. Additionally, M&P strongly believes that establishing a relationship with the San Francisco Office will strengthen the support system for US companies entering the Japanese market.

Office Information
Miura & Partners (US), PC
Opening Date: April 6, 2023

Member’s Biography:
Tasha A. Yorozu
Anne C. Lew
Kaori Kasai
Adrienne C. Lipoma
Eric A. Brill
Elizabeth Shoemaker

More details: Yorozu Law Group website

Jakarta Office M&P has commenced a business alliance with Atama Law, an Indonesian law firm, and will start operations as the M&P Jakarta Office from April 2023. Led by Richi Armando Sheyoputra, the firm will be staffed by four attorneys (admitted in Indonesia) and Ryoichi Inoue, a head partner of M&P's Southeast Asia/South Asia Practice. Tomohiko Kurata, a counsel at Tokyo Office, will also travel between Japan and Jakarta on a regular basis to support clients both in Japan and Indonesia. As part of the 'Asia Project' started in 2021, M&P has co-founded M&P Asia Corporation, a consulting firm specializing in Asia and emerging countries. As a group, M&P has provided a one-stop support service not only for legal matters but also covering other fields such as accounting, taxation, finance, human resources, etc. M&P strongly believes that this alliance with Atama Law and the establishment of the Jakarta Office will allow M&P to strengthen its legal support in Indonesia. Office Information Atama Law in association with Miura & Partners Opening Date: April 6, 2023 Meet the Team: Link to team's biography
London Office M&P is pleased to announce the opening of its London office as its first European base. The opening of the office is scheduled for April 2023. Haruka Murata, a partner who specializes in cross-border M&A, and Masayuki Atsumi, a partner, and a qualified UK lawyer will lead the London Office as co-representatives. The momentum of inbound investment in the Japanese market is growing. M&P has decided to open an office in London, the forefront of legal trends, as a point of contact to provide timely support to European companies considering investing in Japanese companies. Additionally, to meet the demand of globalizing Japanese companies, M&P will strengthen relationships with leading local law firms to gather and provide the latest local practices and know-how. Office Information Miura & Partners London Office (Representative Office) Opening Date: April 2023 Co-Representatives: Haruka Murata and Masayuki Atsumi
About Miura & Partners Miura & Partners was founded in January 2019 by Mr. Ryota Miura, together with a team of experienced lawyers, with the goal of establishing a professional law firm where client satisfaction is the starting point. The number of lawyers who shared this ambition has continued to grow, and now, M&P has approximately 80 lawyers. Our lawyers believe that the role of legal professionals is not just to advise on specific legal provisions, but to provide comprehensive legal advice and support to assist clients in achieving their business goals. Holding "Full Coverage & Top Quality" as one of our core values, M&P provides the best legal services to meet our clients' objectives as a law firm with a thorough understanding of the corporate decision-making process. The firm will continue to provide full coverage and top-quality services in a wider range of regions and fields by opening new offices and launching projects tailored to individual goals. Download the Press Release Press Contact PR Team, Miura & Partners
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