Tax Law

Taxes are central to the economic activity of companies and individuals, and their importance cannot be overstated. Tax law is very complex and requires expert guidance to properly navigate. Miura & Partners' tax law attorneys provide the highest quality legal services to protect the interests of our clients.

Tax Law
Miura & Partners’ specialists have extensive experience in tax law. M&P regularly helps our clients choose the most appropriate business structure from tax a perspective for domestic and international transactions. We also help our clients respond to tax audit inquiries to prevent or promptly resolve any potential disputes.
For domestic tax cases, we handle and manage tax disputes at the highest levels of adjudication, whether replying to objections from tax authorities during tax assessment, or submitting appeals in administrative dispute procedures or court litigation.
For international tax cases, we collaborate with top lawyers and consultants in foreign jurisdictions to provide the highest quality comprehensive cross border legal services.
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