Real Estate and Construction

Our team consists of lawyers with extensive practical experience in real estate transactions, disputes related to real estate and construction, and negotiation with government agencies. To serve the best interest of our clients, we form project-base teams to provide precise and prompt support that meets the needs of our clients.

Real Estate Transactions and Development
We provide a range of services, including legal risk analysis, structuring, consideration, and resolution of legal issues that may be obstacles to transactions, regulatory compliance, negotiations with construction companies, contract drafting and review, etc., in relation to transactions and real estate development, such as the sale and lease of land, housing, office buildings, apartment buildings, commercial facilities, hotels, and other types of real estate. If appropriate, we cooperate with judicial scriveners, real estate appraisers, land and house investigators, and other specialists.
New Real Estate and Construction Businesses
When carrying out business or considering new business in the real estate and construction industries, we provide advice on compliance with related laws including the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law and the Construction Business Law.
Disputes Relating to Real Estate and Construction
We support our clients in various disputes relating to the sale and purchase of real estate, land leases, building leases, construction, etc., and in order to provide satisfactory support to clients in construction disputes, we collaborate with architects with technical expertise and experience in construction.
Real Estate Finance
Real estate finance refers to all financial transactions involving or backed by real estate and includes various types of transactions, such as securitization and liquidation of real estate, formation of non-recourse loans, formation of real estate investment funds, and investment in and financing of such funds. As such, they are highly specialized and complex in terms of structure and documentation. We provide a wide range of legal advice on these matters throughout the project, as well as drafting, reviewing, and assisting in the negotiation of various agreements (including purchase and sale agreements, trust agreements, asset management agreements, loan agreements, security-related agreements, etc.) with the parties involved in each project.
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