Information Technology and Entertainment

Miura & Partners advises on a wide range of legal issues related to Information Technology including systems, software, internet security, and artificial intelligence. We also provide legal advice on matters related to the entertainment industry including broadcasting, music, print, and film.

Information Technology
Management of an IT business today requires the ability to keep up with relentlessly evolving laws and regulations surrounding the field. Our attorneys have extensive experience advising IT businesses and working at prominent IT companies and are well equipped to keep your business up to date with the ever-evolving laws. Our team is well equipped to advise on the sophisticated legal disputes specific to the IT industry.
To appropriately advise on business and legal issues concerning the entertainment industry (broadcasting, music, publishing, film, games, art, sports and other similar fields of entertainment), one must have not only legal expertise in copyright and intellectual property law, but also a deep understanding of industry practices and customs. Our attorneys have broad experience and extensive network connections in the entertainment industry and can therefore provide the most comprehensive legal and practical advice in this highly sensitive area of law and business.