Intellectual Property

Miura & Partners provides seamless support from strategy formulation to dispute resolution relating to intellectual property law. Our services cover every aspect of Intellectual Property concerning modern businesses including patents, utility model rights, design rights, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Patents, Utility Model Rights, Design Rights, and Trademarks
Our team has extensive practical experience in various fields of intellectual property law. Our team includes lawyers with experience working at the Japan Patent Office who are familiar with the work culture and expectations of the Office.

We help clients with a variety of issues surrounding Intellectual Property law including:
  • Filing and registering patents, utility model rights, design rights, and trademarks in an efficient manner;
  • Handling high-stakes disputes involving patents, utility model rights, design rights, and trademarks;
  • Drafting business agreements that ensure protection of IP rights;
  • Drafting appropriate employee invention rules and ensuring fair resolution for disputes involving employees seeking compensation for their inventions.
Copyright laws are important not only in field of art and literature, but also in the field of information technology. Our team includes lawyers with experience working at the Agency for Cultural Affairs who are exceptionally equipped to provide practical and comprehensive legal advice with consideration of the market and of the nature of the copyrighted work.
Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
In the information age, guarding trade secrets and confidential information surrounding business and technology is becoming increasingly important. Our team provides comprehensive legal advice for better management of trade secrets and confidential information, as well as assistance on disputes involving trade secrets and unfair competition
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