As sustainability practitioners ourselves, Miura & Partners promotes diversity & inclusion and provides comprehensive legal support for our clients' initiatives related to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Environmental Regulations
It goes without saying that it is important to comply with various regulations that require companies to take various actions to prevent environmental pollution and stipulate compliance and prohibition, but in recent years, a wide variety of environmental laws, regulations, and soft laws have been enacted or revised to promote carbon neutrality and green transformation (GX). In addition, there is an increasing number of complex issues that require crosscutting studies of other fields, such as consumer law, antitrust law, and financial regulations, making them more difficult to deal with. We provide legal advice on environmental regulations, legal support in response to the authorities, and litigation in the environmental field.
Business and Human Rights
In recent years, attention to human rights issues in corporate activities has been rapidly increasing. In addition, in light of the enactment and enforcement of human rights-related legislation overseas and the formulation of the "Guidelines on Respecting Human Rights in Responsible Supply Chains " in Japan, there is an urgent need for companies to implement concrete measures to ensure respect for human rights. However, the scope of such efforts must cover all corporate activities, and it is necessary to appropriately respond to different approaches from the past, including human rights due diligence. Based on our extensive knowledge of existing legal systems and practices, and our deep expertise in business and human rights, we provide comprehensive support for the full range of human rights issues facing companies, including the formulation of human rights policies, implementation of human rights due diligence, and contingency planning for human rights issues.
Diversity & Inclusion
In addition to the Corporate Governance Code and the demands of domestic and foreign institutional investors regarding the diversity & inclusion of corporate officers and employees, disclosure regarding human capital is now required, and further progress is needed. Based on our expertise and experience in disclosure regulations and the Women's Activities Promotion Act, we provide legal advice on diversity & inclusion and human capital, legal support for disclosure, in-house training and seminars, and other support related to diversity in general, taking into account the voting standards of institutional investors and trends overseas.
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