Consumer Law

We provide advice on various regulations related to BtoC businesses and provide support for all consumer-related matters, including crisis response, response to administrative investigations by the Consumer Affairs Agency, and injunction requests by consumer groups, based on our extensive experience and specialized cross-sectional knowledge.

Transaction regulations
BtoC businesses, which transact with consumers, are subject to rules for consumer protection. In particular, since this is an area where cross-sectional consideration across multiple laws (including Consumer Contract Act, Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, and Installment Sales Act) is required, and laws are being revised frequently, it is essential to have an accurate understanding of the overall regulatory picture and to keep updated on the latest information.
We provide advice on regulations that cannot be avoided when conducting BtoC business, such as the drafting terms of use, preparation of e-commerce sites, and delivery of documents for door-to-door sales and certain services (e.g., esthetics, beauty treatments, language classes, and tutoring), as well as legal advice on handling administrative investigations by the Consumer Affairs Agency and injunction requests by consumer groups, and other important regulatory issues. Our attorneys are well versed in the latest business practices and provide comprehensive support based on their professional knowledge and extensive experience to meet the needs of our clients.
Labeling regulations
The importance of advertisement and marketing strategies cannot be overstated. At the same time, since advertisements and labeling are important information for general consumers to select products, the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, and multiple other laws (e.g., Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act, Health Promotion Act, and Food Labeling Act), prohibit improper labeling.
In addition, as the introduction of a surcharge system has strengthened the Act’s enforcement, consumers become more aware of the problem, and as more cases are investigated and identified by the Consumer Affairs Agency, prefectures, and consumer groups, companies are required to have a comprehensive strategy for various regulations and a crisis management strategy in the event of a violation. Our attorneys are well-versed in the latest practices and provide concrete and practical advice based on their professional knowledge and extensive experience, from the planning stage of advertisement and marketing to handling investigations by the Consumer Affairs Agency and other authorities.
Safety regulations
The Product Liability Act stipulates liability for damages when a "defect" (design defect, manufacturing defect, or defect in instruction/warning) in a product causes death, bodily injury, or other damages. It is an inevitable and important issue for manufacturers to examine whether there is any "defect" from the product development stage to prevent accidents. It is an important issue for manufacturers to prevent accidents from occurring. If a serious accident were to occur, how the manufacturer responds to the accident, from reporting, to recalling the product in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Act, will greatly affect the social reputation of the manufacturer.
Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling these matters and are well-versed in the latest practices, providing specific and practical advice.
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