Competition Laws

With increased enforcement of competition law in Japan in recent years, expertise in competition law has become increasingly important. Our practice includes attorneys with experience in competition law at the Japan Fair Trade Commission, prestigious domestic and foreign law firms, and as corporate in-house counsel. They are well versed with the latest competition law practices in Japan and capable of offering practical advice for clients conducting business in Japan.

Competition Laws
Competition laws are often regarded as one of the most difficult laws to comply with, as they require deep analysis of the client’s business activities. Additionally, enforcement by authorities in Japan has become stricter, and violations can be subject to substantial monetary penalties and even criminal charges. Thus, it is crucial that attorneys with proper expertise handle such matters.
Our competition law practice group includes attorneys with experience at the Japan Fair Trade Commission who understand the Commission’s view on each issue. The group also includes an attorney who held a senior position as in-house counsel for a multinational corporation and understands the need to provide tailor-made advice for clients. Our team is able to cover all types of competition law issues including governmental or internal investigations, litigation, M&A-related issues, competition law counseling, and compliance.
Subcontract Act
Enforcement of the Subcontract Act has been increasing each year, making the counsel of an expert attorney indispensable for compliance with regulations. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, our team provides a wide range of support, offering effective solutions to comply with the Act, training employees, and advising how to respond to government investigations.
False Advertisement and Unjustifiable Premiums Act
False advertisement, mislabeling, and other types of misrepresentation are subject to monetary fines imposed by the Consumer Affairs Agency (“CAA”), and the number of cases before the CAA is on the rise. It is vital for companies to balance compliance with the Act and the need to effectively appeal to consumers by promoting their products and services.
With extensive experience in this area, our team can advise on promotions and advertisements that effectively appeal to consumers while remaining compliant with regulations.
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